What Causes Sinking Concrete?

There are numerous causes of sunken concrete, all of which create a big problem that cannot wait to be repaired.  Many signs indicate that your concrete is sinking. Most homeowners will experience some level of sinking once the concrete settles, but the situation is worse for some than for others. When you notice trouble, call a professional to lift and level sunken concrete in new brunswick ca,

Top causes of sunken concrete include:

·    Changes with Soil Moisture Content: Wet and dry weather cycles impact our moods and the clothes that we wear, but did you know that it also affects the soil in the yard and underneath the home?  Moisture causes clay to expand and then sink when it dries, causing gaps in the soil and an assortment of additional problems. This causes instability with the structure, inevitably resulting in damage.

·    Soil Wash: If the soil underneath the home washes away after a heavy rain or other adverse weather conditions, sinking concrete may be the result. When the soil that supports the concrete is impacted, so is the stability of the home.

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·    Poorly Compacted Soil: If the sill soil underneath the home is not thoroughly compacted, extreme sinking may be the result. It’s important to hire a quality concrete provider from the start to minimize complications. Loose soil spreads over time, which causes instability within the structure of the home when it cannot support the weight of the concrete any longer.

There are many causes of sunken concrete that can affect your home at any time, with or without notice. The three reasons above are among the most common of them all. If your home’s concrete begins to sink, don’t wait to make the call to professionals who can resolve the problem before considerable damage occurs.